Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Homemaker

I have been trying to squeeze in some reading and personal research lately on how to get in control of the  daily chaos, mess and parenting I am required to participate in. Some of the books I've found at the library (one of my jobs is to save money hence borrowing and returning, oh how I wish I could underline in them!) are The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Families, How to Raise Kids on a Little Money and Confessions of a Happily Organized Family. Two of the three I am in the middle of right now, some day I will actually read a whole book. Anyway to get things done I tried to make my to do list last night for today while prepping the coffee maker. This morning I made lunches, filled out a year book form for Dylan (thanks Grandma!) and then walked Dylan to the bus stop in the blowing wind. I'm no Martha but I did manage to sweep and mop the floor while Lincoln was napping and get most of my homework turned in for the week. I have a long way to go but at least almost 3 years into being a stay-at-home mom I'm finally getting into the groove of things. Yes I wish I could get carts of groceries for free like on Extreme Couponing on TLC or I wish every night we ate 5 course meals and my children were always happy and clean, but overall I think we are getting some where. 
 Lincoln helping me with the laundry. He can pull himself up on almost anything now and really loves to be doing whatever I am doing. Here my little domestic dude is unloading his clean laundry. He likes taking things in and out and actually did help me load the next round after this picture was taken.
 Checking out the echo and drum-ability in the washing machine.
 Chocolate mustache... He happily played by himself for half an hour while I finished my homework. I will not show you pictures of our living room after this happened but a little chocolate, an ice scraper, Jenga and all sorts of other non-toys were used in the making of a little quite time. Luckily I'm realizing that it only takes a minute to get the whole room back into shape. I think Linc looks so much like Dylan in this picture, it's crazy.
Egg. Yes it's an egg. A boring egg but hopefully somewhat interesting. I had to do a picture showcasing lighting and everything else we've been working on so far in this quarter on an egg. Maybe so the teacher can compare how we are doing since the subject of lighting can be so broad, who knows. April 2nd is the day my final is due, less than a month, so crazy.

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