Monday, May 2, 2011

Point of View

Well I've been trying to keep posting but all of the kids have been going through sickness, with Linc now on a nebulizer times have been busy as usual. Lincoln is also pulling himself into a standing position now (in the last two days, crazy) so I'm running around after him. This was my last submission for my photography class, I figured I could at least share something with you this week. Hopefully more pictures before Mother's Day, otherwise pictures from then coming soon!\


  1. Ooooo, nicely done!

    One trick to do when photographing backlighted subjects, keeping them natural with no flash, is to put some aluminum foil on something flat, put that behind where you are stationed with the camera and reflect some light back onto the subject from the window or light source behind the would just shed a little bit of light on the front side of the subject...

  2. yeah the interesting part of the class is getting critiqued by your classmates so I've come up with so good ideas for the next one (due tomorrow, yikes!)

  3. That's awesome Shani! Great pic.... and it looks so yummmmyyy! =]