Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is why you have kids...

Lincoln helped with swiffering the floor yesterday while I worked on some other things. It probably would have been a little more helpful if I actually had one of the pads on it, but it kept him busy none the less. He loves to grab big things and drag them around the house... who know what is going on in that little head of his.
Jr. Chef Dylan - Just don't call him little chef
Dylan asked if he could make dinner last night. After some frustration because our cupboards are becoming bare (I will go to the store some time this week I promise!) and because I told him spaghetti-o's are not an good enough dinner for our whole family this is what he came up with. Mac n Cheese, green beans and chocolate chip waffles. He actually did most of the cooking himself. He also made a chef hat out of a paper bag and a paper plate but it didn't quite stay on his head so that was not pictured.

Danielle made dessert last night for us too, cake batter. Interesting but I think the kids liked it.

Sometimes all that hard work actually pays off.

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  1. LOL....I love it...both posts. Pretty cool kiddos.