Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All Boy (too many pictures)

I know, get ahold of yourself Shannon. Too many pictures of your children. Except I don't think that could happen. We have been busy running around after the little guy (gasp less than a month until his first birthday, time to get busy planning) and other general household maintenance projects such as redoing the back deck and trying to decide what color to paint our manufactured palace. Anyhoo here a a few pictures from the last few days. Enjoy.

Checking out the curls
Can you see those? Yep beautiful long flowing curls. Such a difference from Dylan's stick straight hair. Shane's was the same way when he was a baby so yet another reason he is just like Daddy.
 My boys play hard. Lincoln is always getting into something or trying to walk without being ready so he's got scrapes and bruises all over the place. Man this kid is crazy.
 Dylan scarfing down the last bit of ice cream out of the carton. The simple pleasures in life make the best memories right? Sometimes it's ok to be the cool mom.
 Pushing the baby around the living room in a box. Need I say more?
 Tub time is still loved around here by all except when he wants to stand and walk all along the edge.
 He looks so different without all that crazy hair!
 Deep in thought after the bath.
Summer Lovin'
 Oh man it got hot the other day so of course I had to document the first tank top of the season especially since those arm chubs will be gone in no time. Love it.
 Playing with the pots and pans, oh what fun.
Making a Daddy face :)

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