Saturday, June 18, 2011

Graduation Time

Dylan is in the second row from the top, the third one in
It happened, I couldn't stop it. My little baby graduated kindergarten and there was nothing I could do to keep him from becoming a first grader. First Grade! All the kids are getting so smart and tall and toothless... Oh my gosh, first grade. I just can't get over it. Dylan is 6 now and just oh man I feel old. I accidentally set my camera funky when I was taking pictures so I didn't get great ones during the graduation but I think my mom got a few so I'll have to steal some from her. First grade ah!

Danielle is now a senior in high school. How did this little 14 year old squirt grow up to be a beautiful 17 year old senior already? I just don't know. She is driving over by herself to visit her mom for the first time for a week or two since it is the summer and it's a little nerve racking to just let them go. I guess that's what I've learned a lot about myself lately. Letting go. Sharing them with the rest of the world. I am not the only one who shapes their lives and I just have to realize that. Crazy to think about. The kids aren't mine really anyway. God gave them to me and can take them back at any time. I realized this even more as on the night of the kids' last day of school some high schoolers were up in the hills camping and partying and one of them accidentally drove off the road flipping the car and killing two people and leaving one in the hospital in serious condition. Danielle knew all three kids involved in the crash and it is so horrific to think this could happen to someone. Her best friend was really good friends with the boy that died so Danielle is trying really hard to be supportive of her friend during this time. Unfortunately life can be too short and this really makes me appreciate the time that I do have with all of my children, no matter how crazy they make me.

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