Saturday, June 18, 2011

Out of the Mouthes of Babes

After asking if I was alive in the "wild west days with cowboys and indians" Dylan made up for it. I told him our favorite tv show was on and he replies "Extreme Couponers?" The he says "I'm going to be an extreme couponer when I grow up, are you?" Oh man he cracks me up.

Yes I've been trying to get some good deals lately and some of the deal sites I follow show pictures of what they got and how much they paid and I always think it's pretty cool. Here are three of the last times I went to the grocery store and what I got. Weird yes, it makes me a little bit happy to know I am saving money.

5/31/11 - This was actually two different transactions because when you buy specific items totaling over an amount you get a $10 catalina off of your next purchase. Anyway the two together retail at $78.40 and I paid $44.12!
This included coffee, 2 creamers (our major vice!) 3 sunblocks and allergy medicine.
6/5/11 - Retail value $57.35, Paid $34.30

I think there may have been a shopping trip in here too for about $15.

6/11/11 Retail Price $31.36, Paid $20.32          
Ok and I didn't take a picture of this one because it was the first shopping trip I did with all three kids since they got out for summer vacation so I was a little frazzled after but this one included a big bag of dog food (which we tried the next step up from the cheapo brand since it seems like Liko is having skin issues) 4 bags of gold fish crackers, 8 yogurts, pop and toilet paper. Retail Price $45.17, Paid $38.31

6/18/11 - Retail Price $7.98, Paid $5.73
So doing the math that is $157.78 (plus $6.99 for a pizza I promised the kids to celebrate summer Friday night) to feed a family of 5 (and two dogs and cat) for about a month plus more. I think it's a cool deal. 

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