Thursday, August 11, 2011

Planning for the unexpected

No I guess you can't plan for the unexpected but I like my day to have a little more wiggle room in it than some people who like to schedule everything. We have a whole lot of nothing planned all the time and luckily that works for us. Today I decided we should go out and water the garden before Lincoln went down for his afternoon. That lead to us picking our first zucchini of the season (yes it's late, we didn't plant until July 2nd so we are getting a late start in the garden game). Dylan was a good helper and watered all the flowers by the front door and then we decided to water the back lawn which led to an impromptu run through the sprinklers with our clothes on. and yes, all of us ran through them. Lincoln actually wasn't too scared and enjoyed getting a little wet and the dog even had fun trying to eat the water. Once we were nice and soaked and grassy the boys had a quick bath which also led to me cleaning and rearranging the master bath while they squirted each other. I got Lincoln out and Dylan was ready too and decided to try to climb around the tub and he slipped and hit his head and scratched his arm on the faucet. Everyone is ok and resting or sleeping now which is nice for mommy to get some things done around this crazy place. We have been so busy with vacations, hanging out with the family, Shane has been getting the house prepped for painting (hopefully finished before the last week of August so we can sit back and enjoy our 3rd anniversary) and Danielle just went back to her moms for a few weeks. Ah summer. One month left of this craziness and then we get back to the school schedule which is sounding a little enticing yet sad at the same time.

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  1. Ohhh, such a fun day but I'm sorry Dylan hit his head. I hope he's ok. Please give him a little kiss on his forehead for me.