Saturday, August 20, 2011

There's something missing

Dylan has been throughly disappointed that he hasn't lost any teeth yet and it seems like everyone else in his class has. Luckily he will be starting First Grade in a few weeks with a gnarly gap in his seemingly perfect smile. He and Danielle we were wrestling and participating in a wedgie free for all when the said tooth got knocked loose. He jumped to the bathroom and wiggled the tooth free in a matter of seconds. Everyone was so excited! Dylan even went to bed early (for him... in the summer...) so he would be asleep when the tooth fairy came. Even though I knew it was coming I still hadn't made it to the bank to get a golden dollar like I really wanted to (I can just imagine explaining that the tooth fairy knows how to make gold!) but fortunately did have a dollar bill in my wallet at the time (lucky occurrence these last few weeks) so it all worked out. He did mention hopefully that his friend got 5 bucks for his tooth a few months ago... too bad he doesn't live in that house. I kept the tooth to show him when he gets older, that is if he wants to see it, but at the moment I can't particularly remember where it is. He was also excited that he just happened to be wearing his favorite shirt at the time of said incident. Go Seahawks.

In the bathroom, cleaning up evidence

Whoop there it is!

Lincoln's hair is getting so long we were playing around with it right before the incident happened so I had to snap a picture of that too :)

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