Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation part 3 - Great Wolf Lodge

Because of our late registration to the campsites in Idaho we didn't have a full week of fun available so we decided to try out the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA. Yes it was pricy for a hotel room, but the cost included the beautiful huge room, entrance to the waterpark, and tons of fun stuff to do around the hotel. The hotel is like it's own city. We had a great time with each of the kids finding something different they really liked and overall had a great experience. 

Trying out the timer on the camera
 The prices for food there is much like any theme park but the room comes with a mini fridge so I recommend bringing snacks, just don't shop at the minimart next door, it's just as expensive!
Danielle with her new favorite boots before dinner.

Waiting at the door to surprise friends meeting us for dinner

There they are, Jason and Seriny and Holden (sans Cameron who is Dylan's age)
Jason and Shane were best friends in high school and still try to see eachother

Shane and Linc posing with a wolf cub

Dylan and the statue

Danielle and the statue

Lincoln is pretty tired from all the playing and late night partying

Swimming in the kiddie pool

Dylan playing with the water shooter before going down a slide

Danielle, Dylan and Shane going down a huge water slide

Lincoln taking a quick nap 

Wave pool

Making souvenir pennies 

Lincoln trying to get in the machine

Posing by the sign

Cool carving out front

Dylan fell asleep with vampire teeth in that he won from the arcade
Also I just realized while pricing hotels in downtown Seattle, the price isn't that crazy after all. No wonder we don't get out that often!

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