Thursday, August 18, 2011

When kids succeed

Dylan got to go fishing with Grandma and Grandpa Sadler the other day and I expected him to have fun out on the boat but not much more. In the few years I bought my own fishing license I haven't caught anything so fishing to me has sort of changed definitions. Low and behold they actually had a successful fishing trip. His fish (some sort of trout I have have been told) was gigantic and when he reluctantly held it up for pictures, Dylan said he could feel all of the teeth trying to poke him. Grandpa caught one too but Dylan thought it was hilarious that his was bigger. Luckily this trip will probably give him drive to keep wanting to get out on the water. Danielle was bummed she didn't get to hang out on the big boat (she thought it was going to be their aluminum paddle boat, not the big one) but we had fun having a girl day down town. 

Shane and Danielle checking out the fish

Getting ready to take hold

"Just slip your fingers right in here"

Showing off

Man it was heavy