Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where is my baby...

And who left me this toddler? Yikes, my little Lincoln, who is now almost 15 months, just barely over a year, is a walkin' talkin' crazy machine. I give credit to having an older brother and sister to watch and play with and I know he wants to be just like when he gets older. Dylan was much more cautious and laid back from what I remember of him at this age. Yes, he was in daycare about 10 hours a day :( but I still knew the little guy. Anyway Lincoln can play dinosaurs and make them growl at each other (please excuse the Mario Wii, dog sniffing and toys all over the floor. My house is always picture perfect remember?). The last two days he has slept in until after 7:30 (Praise the Lord, even if it is right before we have to get back on a school schedule). He can climb onto the couch, rocking chair, coffee table, kitchen table, and basically any stationary object under three feet by himself, or by moving a toy to stand on. He repeated "stay" and a little butt swat to the dog last night after only hearing and seeing Shane do it once. We all looked at each other a little shocked that it was so clear. He gets mad when he can't get snack out of the refrigerator by himself and bangs the front of the door. Yes he has a little temper on him. We're working on it. 

Lincoln also likes to sword fight, hang out and play with the older neighborhood boys and wants to help with everything. I can't get the broom out with him awake unless I have some plan to keep him busy. Often it is giving him the swiffer while I sweep with the old school one. He will eat with no inhibitions and has rarely spit anything out (I'm talking raw green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes ((the last two being things I personally don't like)), beans, tofu anything!). Lettuce is a little bit of a weird texture for him but otherwise it all goes down the pipe. He does like to share with the dog or other people around. Since he's started walking running around the house he's really slimmed down. No longer is he a super chunk but luckily he still has a few baby rolls left to savor.
Checking out what chalk will do if banged together

Picking through the colors

Right after he took a little nibble.
He also tries big boy things just to try them. We got out to do a little chalk drawing the other day now that summer has finally arrived. Ellensburg has had a very mild summer this year so it's a little weird. Anyway he checked it out, scribbled a little, tasted one of them and then decided that it would be more fun to walk around and explore the street. We don't have a paved driveway so yes we are actually sitting in the street but it's a small cul-de-sac so no cars came through while we were out there for about 30 minutes. Loving the country life. Hopefully the next year doesn't go by so quickly.

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