Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ah School

It is bittersweet. Both of the older kids started school today. Lincoln is napping and I feel like I've lost a whole year of time. Where did that time go? A senior and a first grader, man life just keeps going. The days leading up to today have been crazy and hectic and wacky but fun. Today is the first day I can try and get back into a routine with Lincoln and also get back into getting things done for myself. My list of goals has sat nearly untouched over the summer just because I was trying to spend time with everyone and keep the masses happy. This year I am not taking any classes or doing much outside of the family. I will be involved in MOPS again, help with the kids school stuff and I think I am going to start going to the women's Bible study near the end of the month. Other than that I will just be honing my homemaking skills and playing with Lincoln.
Yesterday after we said goodbye to our out of town guests (my mom's aunt and uncle who live in California) we lounged around the house until the afternoon when I recut Dylan's hair for school, helped him pick out his clothes for the morning. Then we packed up the cooler to drop off at the elementary school to help with the Parent Group back to school night, then dropped off the salad dressing at the high school that the senior class needed for their fund raiser. After that we went back to the elementary school to meet Dylan's 1st grade teacher and to see who was in his class and to visit his kindergarten teacher. We played a little on the playground since it had been such a lazy day at home. After that we met Danielle at the high school and got her schedule, checked her locker to make sure it worked, talked to some of her teachers and then had dinner at the spaghetti feed. Danielle helped serve but since I had both the boys I didn't volunteer for this one. After that it was time to head home, get the bigger boy in to bed at a reasonable time and then fill out all the forms I had picked up earlier that day. Whew. I'm beat. Luckily the kids got up and off to school on time.
Dylan checking out his "real desk" - they had group tables last year

Treat Bags whoohoo

Lincoln can't wait for school either

Dylan with his teacher - Mrs. Coons

First Day of First Grade

Danielle first day of Senior Year

A little closer shot

Hard to believe how much they've changed since last year!

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