Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anniversary trip

Ah the Market, no trip to Seattle is complete without a visit here

Looking out over the Puget Sound

There was sun in Seattle, can you see us squinting?

So romantic.

Space Needle - 50 years since the world's fair was in Seattle 
Our anniversary trip was pretty awesome. It was the first time we had both left all three kids overnight at the same time. First of all we used to book our hotel room. They have this nifty bid on a room feature and we ended up getting our room more than 50% off of what they normally go for. When you put in a bid you don't get to pick the hotel, just the star rating and general location. We ended up staying at the Sheraton in Down Town Seattle. Valet parking, helpful staff, beautiful rooms, it was pretty sweet! When we were checking in I somehow blabbed to the lady that it was our anniversary. Hours later when we got to our room from exploring downtown there was a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a note that said "Happy Anniversary from the front desk." How great is that? We walked a lot. We ate a lot. I maybe shouldn't have had that last pineapple mojito at the Cheesecake Factory because we were asleep by 9:30. Oh well we got up early-ish and went swimming in the hotel pool (on the 35th floor!) too the monorail to Seattle center, bought the kids little trinkets and then decided to call it good because we missed the kids too much.

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