Thursday, September 8, 2011

End of the Summer Fun

Fort Central
 Dylan and his buddy built a giant fort in our living room where Lincoln promptly figured out a way to build his own sky light.
Boys in the Bath

Action Squirting Shot 

"I want that"
 Dylan got his face painted at the Farmer's Market a few weeks ago and Lincoln helped him decide on what to get.
Watch out Mike Tyson
 Dylan decided to get a tribal type tattoo which is probably one of my favorites he's ever received.

Yellow Watermelon
 Word to the wise, if you buy a watermelon from the farmer's market in town, make sure you like surprises, when you are expecting a normal pink/red colored seedless melon and you cut in to find this it is quite a shock. Luckily it was super sweet and yummy.

Lincoln was quiet for a few minutes and I knew something must be going on so I walked ran into the living room and found him quietly watching tv with a drink in hand. Oh my.
Brother Love
Can you just feel the love in this picture?

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