Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Frumpy Mom :(

I have really been trying to make a effort to not look so crappy lately. I stay home and play with kids all day. I am finally done nursing the youngest so I don't have to wear such easy access shirts anymore and I've also lost the last of the baby weight but I still just play on the carpet, slave in the kitchen and force the kids to do their homework. On the slight chance that I might see someone besides a neighbor or those previously mentioned kids I will put make up on and try to find an "outfit." Below are two pictures where I felt like I looked pretty good. Why shouldn't I look put together? Especially since I have been married for three whole years now and still want to impress my husband every now and then.
In Seattle on our Anniversary Trip

At the Ellensburg Fair with cowboy Dylan
And then I go grocery shopping the first time since school has started and I am feeling pretty confidant in my look when I leave the house. Only half way through my trip I realize that the milk spilled on my shirt didn't just magically disappear it left weird rings on my stomach, my hair is frizzy and needs to be dyed again, and I wore my ratty shoes instead of the new ones I found at a garage sale. Darn it, oh well at least Lincoln didn't scream too many times in the store.

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