Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go meatless!

No don't worry I'm not going vegetarian, it's just another way the Sadler Family is trying to save money. I made some sort of yummy sandwich a few weeks ago. Grilled tomatoes and eggplant on a day old baguette with fresh basil from our garden topped with a few slices of mozarella cheese. Was it a huge hit with Dylan? Not really. But it ate it all and I loved it. Plus skipping meat a meal or two a week really saves the big bucks in the long run and we are actually eating pretty healthy too. 


  1. At least you didn't try to force Tofu on them. I recall that being attempted when you kids were young. I didn't support that one. LOL.

  2. II like tofu actually, and Dylan liked it too when I soaked it in soy sauce. I would rather just not use anything than buy tofu to replace meat though. (It was a good protein for my stomach when I couldn't handle the smell of cooking meat when I was pregnant) Danielle is against it so I'll wait until she's out of the house to try it again :)