Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Goof Troop

I love seeing the kids play around with each other and goof off. I don't like the wrestling that always leads to someone getting hurt, but hey they are kids and they are going to do it whether I yell at them or not. Here are a couple of pictures from our silly times lately. 
Man our family room, which has recently morphed into a room full of plastic toys and a giant tv sure gets a lot of use. Here Lincoln enjoys a nice cold drink of milk while relaxing in front of a cartoon that Dylan is watching.

While in the area I took Danielle and her cousin Jordyn to the SuperMall to do some powershopping and let the boys hang out in the super fun play place for kids. There was tons of stuff to climb on and slide down so I figured it would give them a little time to get their wiggles out before the drive home over the mountains. 

Dylan on top of "Mt. Rainier"

Action shot of Dylan running, Lincoln picking at the carpet

Lincoln climbing on a fish

Daddy and Lincoln Asleep, getting up at 6am is hard work
 Lincoln loves putting on hats and carrying around toys that are way too big for him. Here he is being a gangster hunter I guess. 

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