Friday, November 4, 2011

My Own Personal Mess Maker

Lincoln is getting quite good a making great messes. Here are several pictures from the last couple of weeks of how much fun he is having around the house. 

This was Linc's first try of cranberry what do you call it - jell, the kind you plop out of a can and slice. I still had a can of it on the shelf and since the other two kids aren't too fond of it, Lincoln got quite a serving. He also enjoyed cheerios and milk with his mess. (My fav. part are the ones stuck to his hand) 

Ah yes, Lincoln is growing taller too. He can now reach up on the counter and pull things down. Case in point, half a pound of shredded cheddar cheese all over the kitchen floor. Once I grabbed up the top layer that I believe didn't touch the floor I let the boy and the dog finish cleaning. 

They got most of it but Lincoln made sure to not let go of his toy screwdriver.

Found him digging through the cupboard and trying to put a head of garlic in the toaster. Man this kid likes to be in trouble.

Not pictured was Lincoln pulling out 10 feet of tin foil and surrounding himself with it. That picture is still on my phone. Good thing I love this cute little guy!

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  1. Karma...hahahahahahaha!

    Thanks for the pics and comments.