Monday, December 5, 2011

17 weeks and going and going and going

Yup that's my first official belly shot for baby number 3, kid number 4. According to the baby books and  the internet the baby is over 5 inches now which makes sense because this week I started to feel the baby move! Yup little squirt is most active around 6-8 in the evening so far, or when I squish it too much. I'm still early on so I forget sometimes when I am bending over or holding Lincoln over my stomach and the baby retaliates. We will find out in a few more weeks what we are having and couldn't be more excited. If it's a boy we are pretty much set as far as the stuff part of a baby goes. I mean I do need to get a new Boppy and the consumables like diapers, wipes and pacifiers, but otherwise we are good. If this one is a girl then boy I will have trouble not buying headbands and ruffly outfits. At least narrowing down the sex will help us start talking about baby names. The morning sickness has subsided but I've been sick with a cold for almost an entire month. My last doctor's appointment was Nov. 10th and that was the day I started getting a sore throat. I got better for about a week or maybe a week and a half and then got a different cold or something and and completely miserable again. My next doctor's appointment is Dec. 8th... hopefully better by then.

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