Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breakfast Rut

Dylan is the only one of us at the moment who has to get out of the house at a specific time in the morning (more on that another day) so breakfast for him is a must. I guess I'm lucky that he likes cereal, but he wants cold cereal every day. Every. Single. Day. I try offering him banana bread or yogurt or fruit or eggs. He would just rather have cereal. I know I am the mom and could say well we are having this for breakfast but since we get most of our cereal free through WIC I'm not in a tussle about it and we aren't going in the whole over $4 boxes of cereal. Anyway this last weekend was a 3 day weekend thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so I spent a good chunk of time scanning fun blogs for make ahead meals and snack ideas when I came across this great recipe for sausage pancake muffins. I thought we had pancake mix in the pantry and could use it up but just followed her recipe (although I just used white flour because that's what I buy) and also added extra syrup into the mix as well. I also used one of the over a dozen lbs. of elk breakfast sausage Shane made that we had in the freezer. We ate up a bunch of the muffins the morning I made them and every morning since then Dylan has asked for them for breakfast. I'm a fan since they were super cheap, pretty easy to make and he's getting protein when he wasn't getting much before. I'm not at all a huge fan of ground elk (esp. during pregnancy) but this recipe is really yummy and I didn't even notice it wasn't pork. We also tried the corn dog muffin recipe from Laura's website, but I thought the muffin was a little too corny and not enough doggy. There are still several left of both muffins left in the freezer for quick breakfasts or lunches so I'm glad I got ahead a little this weekend.
Here is Lincoln eating the end of a loaf of chocolate zucchini banana bread. It was pretty stale by then so he could only nibble off small bits but still managed to get chocolate everywhere!  What a goon. He's also unknowingly pointing to where his last little baby tooth is trying to grow in. We can't wait for it to poke through so we can finally help him get out of his misery.

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  1. Hmmmm? Elk muffins? I'd have to give that a try. You are such a creative mom Shannon. Nice sense of humor too--more corny than doggy--haha.

    Love Momma