Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh Those Sadlers

We had a three day holiday weekend, followed by Dylan feeling under the weather so we kept him home from school, back to school for a day, followed by a snow day so needless to say I've been trying to keep all of my boys busy and not going stir crazy. Here the boys are trying out some dot painting. 
Dylan starting on a very orange robot.

Not a great picture of Linc but he's really getting into it.

So things have become a little wild around here lately but I'm not going to let that keep me down.
On the 5th of Jan. Shane got into an accident while at work. Luckily no one else was involved and he wasn't seriously hurt. However even though he wasn't doing his normal job and there was ice on the road, his company cited that he was being reckless and fired him. He is union so he is working with his representative to get a panel review to get his job back. This, however, was scheduled for six weeks out (after already being suspended for a week so that makes seven). So we now have been faced with the challenge of scrimping even tighter than we ever have before while making ends meet on some vacation pay and the social security that Dylan gets. Luckily we have taken steps to eliminate most of our debt since we have been married and were living well within our means before so I think that while this completely stresses me out, we will come through this stronger and better because of it. Shane and the boys have been able to spend more time together at home and we have been eating dinner as a family and trying to make the best out of everything.
Male bonding
The main bummer right now is that my little sister had her little son Luke and I haven't been able to see him yet. The weather hasn't been great in this part of the state (have you seen the news lately?) but also the cost is just more than I want to put on the family right now. I do have an offer from a friend who will be practically driving by her house next week and offered to drop me off for the day so I think that will be perfect. Hopefully he isn't speaking in full sentences yet.
Passed out on the couch
Speaking of babies, our littlest is 24 weeks along today. Holy moly that goes quick. I was reading an article today about a baby born at 24 weeks that survived and is actually being released at the end of the month. Sure she has been in the hospital for way longer than I would ever want any of my babies to be, but this far along I am getting closer and closer to having three boys of my own. Last night I was playing a hybrid hide-and-seek/peekaboo game with Dylan and Lincoln and kind of tried to squish down low (forgetting that my belly really is starting to get in the way of things) and then played around for a while. Later that night Shane and I were watching tv and I realized I hadn't felt the little guy move around in a while and my stomach felt a little tight or funny (not in a funny way, in a weird way). I started to freak out a little inside but knew of course that babies don't move all day every day. We both looked at each other and unanimously decided that while this is the worst time for either of us to not be working, how horrible life could actually become besides stupid money issues. I am thankful to say little man was just enjoying some quiet time and is perfectly active today. Lincoln was a total pill last night and all day today so while I am excited to meet our next little mister, I can fully wait for another 16 weeks to have two little ones keeping me up all night.

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