Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Starting the Year off Different

So as I wrote in my last post things have changed a bit for us in the last month. With money tight, unnecessary purchases have really come to an end. (I did take a trip over to see my sister and family this weekend which put us back $40 but was oh so worth it to see my new nephew Luke and to see the rest of my family who I hadn't seen since I got the plague back at Christmas) After reading inspiration about a Pantry Challenge from one of my favorite blogs I figured it was the perfect time for us to try too. Only shopping for items to round out meals we spent around $50 on food this January to feed our growing family. I think that's pretty great. Dylan has been eating like a horse lately, I've been eating a ton too (yes I am in my sixth month so I can) and even Lincoln is sitting through dinner eating the whole time... and not scraping off his plate or throwing food to the dog. My boys are growing but I've been able to "shop our pantry and freezer" plus a humbling experience at the local food bank and no one is going hungry in the slightest. Yay for using your resources.

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