Monday, January 2, 2012

Three's company... four's a crowd.

Well we finally got all the kids together for the Christmas since Danielle moved back to her moms. We had all of them together for the whole new years weekend. I took the picture on Danielle's phone so it gets a little blurrier the bigger I make it but any smaller and it would lose all of those sweet smiles. We had a great time hanging out, running errands and even eating a nice dinner out with friends.
Tomorrow is the day when we find out if we will have an even two boys and two girls or if the boys are going to totally outnumber the girls. We get our anatomy ultrasound tomorrow afternoon and it's pretty exciting to meet this next little one. The last and only ultrasound we have had so far the baby really didn't look like much of a baby so I am so looking forward to seeing how much he or she has changed. Lincoln recognizes babies on tv and in magazines and if you tell him to kiss the baby he will usually run over and kiss my belly so I think he knows something is going on but really has no idea what he's in for in May. The other day was really the first time he had a negative reaction when he tried to pull of the skin on my stomach. Maybe he was just tired for the day, who knows. He is such a cuddle bug and loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone (even the dog) but he isn't always the gentlest. We have some work to do, oh boy. The baby also kicks back when I am holding Linc and he squished my belly so I can just tell we are going to have a wild and crazy house.
After a busy holiday season, a horrible flu that went around the house, and now trying to put everything back together I am looking forward to getting back to blogging in 2012! Happy New Year.

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