Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting Healthy and a Family Visit

Shane is a little bit of a germaphobe and hates it when Lincoln touches anything in public places, probably due to the fact that usually one of us in the family has been sick since Linc was born. But here he is playing with the fun toy at the doctor's office. One of the germiest places I can think of but luckily there was hand sanitizer ready and waiting. I guess he's learning to let go a little bit.

Yay we finally made it over to visit my sister and her baby (and the rest of my family), did I mention this yet? Seeing that it is mainly just my family that reads this I'm sure you all know how the weekend went but I couldn't help but put up a few pictures of my boys with their new cousin Luke.
Lincoln not really caring about the baby on day 1.

Dylan being so sweet.

Dylan has had about enough time with the baby, he's ready to play banker.

Lincoln trying to hug Mommy and his baby (in my tummy)

Wrestling the kids to get a family picture with mom.

All the boys with Dad

Lincoln loves his little brother... mommy loves her food. 

My most favorite picture of Lincoln to date I think with my mom.

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