Monday, March 19, 2012

Babies Galore

Lincoln one day new

Man oh man it's not enough that I've got baby on the brain lately, I know many... many mom's who just had or are expecting a baby soon. It is such an exciting season of life being surrounded by so many little bundles of joy and I love being able to support all of the friends and family who are becoming moms too. I was reading this blog post about blessing a new mom and I thought it was great. I'm not hinting around here so don't worry for all those wondering :) I really thought the idea of a Birth Day cake was a fun idea and maybe I will try to work that in my planning in the next few weeks. I know the boys love celebrating things and I love having cake in the house (especially my favorite chocolate with cream cheese frosting!) so I think it would be a big hit. Off to find a zero candle at Target this week. 

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