Monday, March 19, 2012

Bringing In Spring

Yesterday we welcomed the first Sunday of Spring Break by playing at the playground at Dylan's elementary school. We ran around, went down the slide, tried out the swings and enjoyed a pretty nice day outside, sweatshirts only. Then about two or three hours later we had this crazy snow storm. Luckily that only lasted about an hour or so and now we are back to sun (except freezing temperatures) so I am getting excited about seeing the signs of Spring. This week also marks where the next few years will take us. Today is Shane's hearing to see if his ticket for the accident while he was working will get dropped. Tomorrow he is flying to Reno to go to panel with UPS and find out if he will get his job back. This has been two months in the making so we are praying and keeping our fingers crossed that we haven't been waiting for nothing. At least by the end of the week we will know what our next step in the plan of action will be. I will be hanging out with the boys, scoring some good deals at Target (I can't wait, I've been having withdrawls since what November?), spending time with the family and baby Luke, hitting up Chuck E Cheese with all of our free token vouchers and helping Dylan wisely spend his birthday money. We'll be busy but I'll be around. In the mean time here are some pictures of the crazy stuff we've been up to. 

 Danielle and Lincoln skateboarding through the kitchen.

The boys enjoying a lazy weekend afternoon; balloons, nerf guns, and the big ol' tv. 

Lincoln finger painting, he did end up doing about five masterpieces after this. 

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