Thursday, March 29, 2012

Defrosting is Not My Friend

Lately I have not been very good with defrosting food efficiently. On Monday I made the honey sauces chicken in the crock pot like I planned. Only I didn't put in fully defrosted chicken, it was all sort of still clumped together but I've cooked chicken in the crock pot before and it's always cooked pretty fast. Except I forgot to account for that when I timed the recipe so about 5:15 rolled around when my boys thought they were starving and I come to find that the chicken is still a little raw in parts. That just won't work. So I ended up making homemade lunchables for dinner for them and eating the chicken later when Shane got home. It turned out really good and we ate it again the next day for our real dinner but it was disappointing to not be as easy as I had planned. 
I think the boys would rather have these any day. 

Then today came... Yesterday we rearranged the chest freezer because it was becoming a black hole and I couldn't find things I was looking for. I took out an elk roast at 9am and put it in the freezer figuring 24 hours would be plenty of time for it to thaw enough to cut into chunks for the stew I wanted to make. Wrong again. It will be plenty thawed by tomorrow but knowing I needed it to cook so long in the crock pot again I had to scrap my plans and save them for another day.  Here some of the freezer ingredients are thawing at a nice little plate party. 

So I ended up making hamburgers which were pre-formed and precooked from the freezer and the loaded baked potato casserole from the picture above. Mine didn't have green onions because I didn't have any but I'm sure next time Shane would love some of those too. Really not hard to make and so yummy. In the end everything always works out fine but I just don't think my brain is working correctly at the moment. 

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