Monday, March 26, 2012

"Did you know my brother is in preschool?"

Too cute. Lincoln and I visited Dylan for lunch today (getting out of the house give Lincoln a little change of pace and surprising Dylan is one of my favorite things to do) since we live like a mile away it is fairly easy to pull off at the last minute. While we were enjoying our lunch - or trying to get through it with a wiggly toddler - I heard Dylan tell his friend "Did you know my brother is in pre-school?" I though it was so cute. He saw what I had out on the table this morning in preparation for the day and I guess it really stuck with him. Our first activity today was sorting little dinosaurs into an egg carton. Then we put pretzels into the slots for snack because this kid eats all the time. We also had the tv on for less than an hour so far today. Making progress slowly but surely. 
I don't know what I did yesterday but my back is killing me again today so I'm really going to take it easy with the heating pad while he is napping and enjoy the quiet house. 

He wanted them all out to start with.

Very seriously trying to make them fit. Next time I will find smaller items to sort. 

He was not very happy to make a video as you can see.

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