Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finger Painting with a Toddler and another bold move.

They are not always thinking about the finished product when you let a toddler finger paint. But we had fun creating about 5 masterpieces the other day. I threw Lincoln in the high chair with two colors of finger paint on his tray. Once we figured out how to keep the paper stuck to the try things went a lot better. (Just put a little paint between the paper and the tray. Paint rinses right off the plastic!)
After he really got into it he was very specific about using the colors and not so much eating them any more. My latest brainchild: I am working on coming up with some pre-preschool ideas with Lincoln because he is being such a handful lately that I know I have to change up the way I am doing things. We are going to start more of an actual schedule or routine to try to get used to before the baby comes and to try to keep him interested or un-bored and out of trouble. Somethings gotta give. He will not be memorizing Latin but I'm talking about giving him more structure vs the free play that he is not appreciating now. I will let you know how my plan is working out in a while.

I would love to hear suggestions of activities, projects, games etc. to play with toddlers and preschoolers.

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