Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good News on the Western Front

Fortunately what can go right, did go right.

Monday morning Shane had his court appointment for the ticket he received during the on the job accident.  After hearing case after case where the judge didn't move an inch, Shane's case came up. After hearing about the incident and from our lawyer he decided that Shane "Did Not Commit" said infraction of being negligent and he should not have been written the ticket. Score one for team Sadler.

That night we drove over to the Westside (what we Ellensburg people call anywhere over the other side of Snoqualmie Pass) and early (very.early.) the next morning Shane flew down to Reno and within two hours of landing had his panel meeting. The big meeting between his union representative and the big wigs at UPS. I don't know if getting the ticket dropped helped much but they only met for a few minutes (according to the story I heard) and basically said "Don't let it happen again, You start back on Monday."

So did you catch that? There was no ticket, and he has his job back. Yay! Stability, Insurance, Retirement... What can Brown do for you?  We are back in business. Hopefully he's ready to go back to the daily grind after being off for over two months. I guess it makes you really appreciate what you have.

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