Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Homebody vs. Busybody

While I throughly enjoy being out in town running errands and being around people I think I have discovered again what my parents knew when I was little, I'm sort of a homebody. I am relaxed and my most comfortable at home. I think that Dylan is the same way. He loves going to school, playing with his friends outside and doing things, but he seems most him self at home. When he was little I could put on the movie Cars and he would sit through the whole thing time and time again. He likes to hang out. Lincoln, on the other hand, is more of what I would call a busybody. I'm not sure if that's the best term for it, but that's the one I could think of. Yes, he is a toddler, I get that, but I can definitely tell that his personality is different from Dylan's. Walking to go get the mail is exciting for him rather than a task he has to accomplish to get to what he actually wants to do. He is just barely entertained by tv or movies but has a special place in his heart for all things PBS kids (think Elmo, Curious George, Clifford etc.). He moves from one activity to another and boy can he sure wear this momma out. The funny thing is that although I haven't met our newest addition yet, he reminds me a lot of Dylan when I was pregnant with him. Other than the length of morning sickness, everything seems really similar. I don't know if that will change once he is born, but having another mini me wouldn't be too bad :)

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