Monday, March 5, 2012

Hospital Packing

Yes, I know there is plenty, I repeat plenty, of time before the newest little Sadler gets here (I've been having irrational fears that the baby will come too early after watching too many baby shows about newborns staying in the NICU for months) but I've also had this unnatural urge to just get everything "done" so I can well be done and prepared for baby to get here without straining the rest of the family. I am secretly counting down the days to our mini spring-break vacation so after that I can pack my duffle bag (the only one I have) with stuff I have decided I'm talking to the hospital with me when I go into labor. Since this will be my third baby and second baby in the same hospital I feel like I know what I will need or use. I am also not guaranteed an 18 hour hospital stay like last time with Lincoln so I want to make sure I have enough stuff without bringing too much stuff. Without much more introduction here is my official list I will be packing as soon as I know I can.

For Me:
2 pairs of loungy pants (yes two in case one gets dirty)
2 nursing tanks (last time I actually didn't have time to change into a gown and had my own shirt on when the dr placed baby on my chest, covered in baby goop, glad I brought two that time)
2 loose tops (still planning on looking plenty pregnant when I walk out the door)
2 pair of underwear
Sweater or sweatshirt (I was freezing after having the baby and ended up wearing Shane's giant one for too many pictures)
Flip flops (I'm sure I will be wearing these in and not actually need to pack them)
Socks (I don't like wearing them but it might be cold, you never know)
Nursing bra
Travel shampoo, conditioner, body wash and poof - I did shower after having Linc
Basic Makeup (no guarantee I will want to put any on but concealer might be necessary)
Toothbrushes and paste
Brush, bobby pins (or headband) and hair elastics
Body lotion w/o strong scent
Plastic Bag to hold dirty laundry etc.

For Labor, Recovery, Shane and everyone else: 
T-shirt for Shane (I don't think at this point we are planning on him staying overnight with me this time since we don't live too far from the hospital, so he can stay with the other boys, and I want him to get sleep - a grumpy husband is no help to me with a newborn)
My wallet
Lap Top
Chargers (for phone, camera and laptop)
Magazine (got a copy of People from a friend to flip through if I get bored)
3 DVDs (since the nurses don't actually let you sleep in the hospital I'd rather watch a movie I like than whatever is on cable)
Cash for cafeteria
Snacks - we bring our own snacks everywhere else we go, why not the hospital (Balance Bars, dried fruit, maybe some crackers for the boys)
Energy Drink for Shane
One Gatoraid or Poweraid for me, I can only handle so much plain water.
Gifts for Boys (I know this is not necessary but I found some cute stuff that I want to give them when they visit the hospital "from the baby" plus it might keep them entertained rather than waiting to leave)
And an extra pillow and blanket I will leave in the car in case it is needed.

For the Baby:
Car Seat and Base (Installed early in our fancy minivan)
A separate bag from my stuff to hold:
2 Sleepers (at the hospital with Dylan he had a blow out in the 5 minutes from when I put one on to when it was time to leave, glad I had a back up outfit)
Onesie or Undershirt
Medium blanket if the weather is cold in May
1 Receiving blanket
Extra bag to hold stuff they send us home with (and we will take full advantage of that)

I'm expecting to be sent home with some extra diapers, wipes, a hat, all his paperwork, pads and stuff for me, and a gigantic blue KVCH water bottle. Yippee!

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