Sunday, March 4, 2012

Instincts are Taking Over

As nutty as it is making me, I am thankful for my nesting instincts... otherwise I don't think much would be getting done around here. I'm feeling a little like a cold is coming on (could also just be my body reacting to waking up at 3am twice this week and the inability to not go back to sleep) and Lincoln has been sneezing like a maniac so we decided to stay home from church today and actually take a day of rests and naps. In my head all I want to do is finish making all of the freezer meals I have written down on a list but I have decided for the sake of my aching back and feet, two days of it is enough so far. I will continue to double (or triple) meals in the next two weeks that will freeze well, but I have a good stockpile so far. Freezer cooking post to come in the next few weeks. Luckily cleaning the house has pretty much been taken care of although there are a few pesky spots behind closed doors that are nagging me (the coat closet and under the kitchen sink come to mind) so maybe those will be taken care of soon.
We had a couple of doctor appointments in the last week and everyone is doing really well. Baby Warner is growing well and I am up 18 lbs overall. Most women are supposed to gain 25-30 lbs during their pregnancy so it looks like I'm doing the right thing. With Dylan I gained almost 50 and with Lincoln only 15 so I guess it doesn't really matter that much in the end anyway. Lincoln also had a doctor appointment to check on his weight gain. From one year to his one and a half year check up he hadn't gained any weight (although he was growing taller and eating fine). He also had some poop issues so we wanted to see if him drinking more milk and water helped too. So at his doctor's recommendation we cut out most of the fruit juice he was drinking all day long and he gained almost 2 pounds in a month.  Shane also got tested for celiacs because he's had stomach issues all his life he can remember but thankfully it came back negative so we don't think Lincoln has it either.

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  1. You know, when you had Dylan, you were still very young and your body was developing, so it's natural that you gained more with him. Glad to know Linc and Shane are ok.