Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nesting Overdrive

Now that I am moving into the single digit in weeks countdown (I know there has to be an easier way of saying there are only 9 full weeks left) of baby boy #3 I'm starting to realize I have to get things organized before everything starts to become overwhelming. I am not worried about taking care of a newborn, I think I'm getting pretty good at that. My main concern is taking care of a newborn while taking care of everyone else. Since I know everything will work out fine I'm just trying to prep things that I do have control over so when Warner (yes we have a name!) gets here I can focus on spending time on people instead of doing things.

Below is a picture of all of the baby clothes I sorted by size, moving the too small for Lincoln but too big for baby for he next 6 months into tubs in the shed and bringing in the tiny, adorable, too cute newborn clothes. Lincoln slept through the beginning of the ordeal, but as you can probably see in the middle of the left side of the photograph he woke up in plenty of time to help me finish my project. Climbing is what boys do best. Now all the clothes are neatly put away tubs or in drawers awaiting the time I wash them again as we get closer to the due date.  

The next project I took on was organizing the play room to make it fun, comfortable and enjoyable. It was an empty room with a futon and a coffee table but reusing what the boys had in their bedroom and trying to find a home for everything, I think it turned out ok. Again please notice said boy hanging out on chair for the picture, just seeing what he can do to help. 
Cozy stuffed animal corner

Shelves for books, bins for vehicles, music stuff, little people, tools and cars. Oh and the beloved tv.

Weapon bin - don't ask

Hamming it up like he does best!
 Next I tried to pair down what was in the china hutch and make the dining room look a little nicer.

Last stop on the tour of our fancy home is the boy's room. Since I did move toys into the play room there is finally room to breath in their bedroom. We can now fit a bunk bed, a crib, two full sized dressers and still have room to hang out. Plus since their laundry basket isn't stuffed in the far corner of the back of the closet they can easily put in dirty clothes and bring them to me on laundry day. Every bit of help around here makes it easier on old mom. 
Counting down the days until Lincoln figures out he can probably climb out of his crib.

Art gallery on the wall and Dylan's special big boy stuff on the top of the dresser. 
 In my last post I briefly touched on Baby Destructor. Here he is at it again. He got his hands on some chocolate milk mix, figured out how to open it, pulled out a pan and tried to make some. Yum he said as I caught him in the act... Oh boy. He got most of it in the pan at least and didn't track too much of it all over the house. In the last week or two he has also figured out that he can climb on a table by the door and open the front door himself (which is now safely childproofed), how to get the screw drivers to check dead batteries, and how to shove a DVD into the bottom of the dvd player in which Daddy almost couldn't get it out. We are so lucky.


  1. O my goodness--you posted this at 4:29 am!! Lincoln reminds me a lot of Josh with his dangerous curiosity. You're a good mom Shannon:)

  2. At that point I had been up for over an hour... darn sleeping issues.

  3. I have a 1 year old who will not sleep through the night. I am in over drive. For the past week, I have found myself sorting toys and kitchen cabinets at 3 in the morning!

  4. Thank you for sharing all this Shannon. It helps me keep up with things, and know what you are going thru.