Saturday, March 31, 2012

Teaching Boys to Nurture

We are getting ready to add a third boy to our brood and life is already full of wrestling, weapons, sports, super heros and dirt. My boys just seem to gravitate towards all things rough and tumble. Bruises and battle cries are commonplace. "All boy" is a term I've heard thrown around and definitely think that describes them (although Lincoln's curly hair had had several people call him "her" but that's not where I'm going with this).
I love that my boys are active, creative and protective of each other. As we finish up final preparations for the arrival of Warner I have started pulling out the bigger baby items. A swing, bassinet and car seat are now taking up space in our home again. My oldest son has been through this before and at 7 understands that the baby stuff is for the baby. The issue that keeps coming up is how to keep my baby now (wait he's a toddler or pre-preschooler) out of the things that aren't really his any more. He loves to crawl into the bassinet in the pack 'n play, to squish into the car seat and to chill out in the mini swing. He also loves to kiss the baby in my belly, help me get things ready and even try to share his pacifier with my belly button. I know that not being the baby of the family anymore is going to be really hard for him. I think for me too. But we've only got 6 weeks or less (no. I am not going to go over, you hear that) before we will have three little boys. Man that seems like a handful. So to prepare the boys a little further I pulled out the only baby doll I was hanging on to just in case I had a girl and decided to put on a tiny baby boy outfit and let the boys practice being big and biggest brothers yesterday.
As you can see one might be a little more help than the other but it is going to be so sweet to see them all interacting with one another. I am still very intimidated with the idea of being responsible for three littles at one time but I am genuinely looking forward to it. Here are a few more pictures of our play time including a few peeks at the baby belly.
"Lincoln this is how you buckle it."

Trying to share the swing

Feeding the baby together.

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  1. So sweet. So great how they really want to do a good job. They are gonna be great big brothers.