Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I am loving this week...

1. Getting Free Stuff
 This is what a weeks worth of free stuff I get in the mail looks like. Yup I got all of that just by signing up for it online. Dog treats, a whole package of samples from P&G including many coupons, a box of apple cider k-cups, diaper and wipes sample, Better Homes and Gardens and Babytalk Magazines, a free pair of undies from Victoria's Secret (although there is not one nearby so I mailed the coupon to Danielle) and a bunch of high value coupons from Pampers. I contacted them because there was not a coupon booklet in the package of diapers I bought like promised and they sent me more than I probably would have received otherwise. I also got some free things from Target and Safeway just by matching coupons with in-store deals.

2. Brothers teaching each other things.

Dylan was putting batteries into the controller for his new awesome remote controlled helicopter and Lincoln loved being there to help with the whole process. The boys also loved hanging out a Grandma's house and playing soccer with Uncle Josh. 

3. Turkey Sandwiches
I bought all of the ingredients for a perfect sandwich and have had it for four days in a row now. All of you pregnancy nazis can relax because I do heat my meat to steaming before assembling. Included delicious parts are, two pieces whole wheat bread, cream cheese, sprouts, thinly sliced turkey meat, swiss cheese, spinach leaves, and slice avocado. I ran out of avocado after the second day but it still tastes great, just not completely amazing like the first two. 

4. Getting Ready for Warner

I have not been great at taking pictures of my pregnancy this time around (I wonder if the toddler also pictured had any thing to do with it) but I'm starting to get to the point where braxton hicks are becoming a normal part of my day and bending down 500 times a day is taking a toll so I figure I should get pictures before things get too out of control. I had to go out and actually buy new underwear so I must be getting bigger than last time. At 33 1/2 weeks the big day is really getting close, who knew it would happen so fast?

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