Friday, March 9, 2012

What We Are Eating In March

Ah the Month of March is definitely upon us. With baby stuff and birthdays and more, I didn't even realize that this weekend is daylight savings time change whatcha' ma call it. Luckily I had a month of meals planned out so I know what we are eating and when. It make it easier to shop less often and I usually don't forget to defrost something. Plus I can make sure there is some variety in our diets too. When I see it written out it's hard to believe I have all that in our house, plus more than 30 freezer meals I've made so far. I am so thankful we have a huge chest freezer too. There is some room for leftovers (although I usually plan to eat those for lunch since I am home) or a random change in plans.
*On another note just for your information where ever ground beef or sausage normally would be, I am using elk burger or elk sausage from our freezer, it's an acquired taste but you get used to it*

First shorts of Spring, there is no shortage of food in this tummy.
Thursday, March 1st: Tacos
Friday 2: Salmon, spinach salad
Saturday 3: BBQ Steaks, Potato Skins, spinach salad
Sunday 4: Moroccan Beef Stew served over garlic mashed potatoes (adapted from this recipe)
Monday 5: Chicken and Dumplings (made with this bisquick substitute)
Tuesday 6: Stretched Meatloaf with tater tots
Wednesday 7: Pizza from Papa Murphy's
Thursday 8: Tacos with homemade refried beans
Friday 9: Dylan's Friend Birthday Party - Hot dogs, chips, fruit salad
Saturday 10: Hamburgers
Sunday 11: Chicken Curry with rice and steamed carrots
Monday 12: Baked Mac and Cheese (with cauliflower experiment hidden inside)
Tuesday 13: Spaghetti and elk meatballs, spinach, homemade bread sticks
Wednesday 14: Baked Fish, rice pilaf, green beans
Thursday 15: Chicken Divan (tripled - one for us, for freezer and for another family) white rice, salad
Friday 16: B4D or Breakfast for dinner, probably breakfast burritos or waffles
Saturday 17: Beef Roast with carrots and potatoes, homemade bread
Sunday 18: Stir Fry with leftover beef from Saturday, brown rice
Monday - Friday: Visiting family out of town unless we get home Friday night and we will probably grab something out
Saturday 25: Chicken Tortilla Soup
Sunday 26: Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, fruit
Monday 27: Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies
Tuesday 28: Tacos
Wednesday 29: Elk Roast with carrots and potatoes
Thursday 30: Make Your Own Pizza
Friday 31: Open

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