Monday, April 16, 2012

All Them Boys, All Them Toys

We definitely have a boy centered house. The weapon bin full of fake guns, grenades, swords and spy gear. A ball bin full of every kind of ball I can think of (except a volley ball which, of course, is what Danielle wants for the house now ;) ). Match box cars, Legos, Little People, Dinosaurs... you get the idea. So many toys so little room and we are about to add another boy and all his gear to the mix. But today I spent most of the day with the tv off (a small victory) and we took a quick trip over the mountains this weekend and what did my boys play with most? A present bag, dirt, and some fresh air. Lincoln is going through a really dependent stage right now (he will say Mama and grab my hand trying to get me to be where ever he wants to play) but luckily I've been able to sit where I am and watch a few times. I need to keep working on him being more independent but I still have a little more time before he isn't going to be my baby so I'm working on it. 

Well at least he thinks he is a great gift for the moment.

Shaggy Linc with his "smile" face, somehow we have to teach him to open his eyes for the camera.

My big D

Cool shirt I made before I did it wrong and will have to make a new one... SOON!

Super Hero Muscles!

Costumes are getting slightly small for one of my guys. 

A slightly confused hero (batman or spiderman?)

The damage from one blue Easter M&M.
Enjoying outside this afternoon. Dirty Fun.

Yes, my son is playing with a wooden stake.

"I make dirt look good."

Looking out in the field behind our house.


  1. I love them boys! I can't wait to see what the next one is like!

    And for some reason I really like that picture of Linc in the brown shirt walking away from the camera.

  2. Trying my hand at being artistic :)

    I keep wondering if the next one will have a dimple chin or not, that was a fun surprise with Linc.