Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drop It Like It's Hot

Had my 38 week appointment today and everything is looking pretty average, which I am excited about. I measured slightly smaller than last week so the baby has dropped, his heart rate is perfectly normal and head is down in position. This little sprout could be here any time. I keep saying we are in no hurry but I'm thinking next weekend will be the ticket. Who really knows though? If this kid is anything like his dad or older brother he will come only when he wants to :) 

Side view

Holding the baby.

I didn't realize how perfectly round my belly is until just now. 
Yesterday I was trying to get off the couch to get Lincoln a snack and I asked him to help me "hold" the baby. He came over and put his chubby little hands on my belly and really tried to help hold him until we got into the kitchen. He will hopefully be a great big brother. 

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  1. Looks like you are carrying the same little Basketball that Jackie was at about the same time.