Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting Through to the End

We've had quite the unusual schedule lately but things are starting to go back to normal now. I'm at 37 weeks now so we are getting down to the wire to meet this little guy and luckily we are pretty much ready for him. There are things I want to do outside, but bending over is getting harder and harder for me. I also just looked at the forecast for the weekend and it says that Saturday is going to be around 78degrees around here! Combine that with the hot pregnant woman syndrome I am experiencing and that might be a bad combination... but I am looking forward to a nice family BBQ at the least. Shane has to fit in 40 hrs of work before he can take FMLA time off so I have to keep the baby in until at least next Tuesday. I'm still in no hurry to get him out, but it's becoming more and more a reality that he will be here in no time. 
Life around here has been busy so I thought I'd let you in on what we did lately without much more time. 

The boys had pretty similar jammie pants so of course they wanted to match. Here's a pic of them having  a little basketball time before bed. 

I also had to make Dylan a new big bro shirt since the last one I made fell apart. Luckily this one looks so similar to the one we bought at Goodwill for Linc (center) and I even made one for Warner. I still can't believe there will be three boys here soon!

I also tried out this recipe for Baked Scallops for dinner last night after I found some on clearance at Fred Meyer yesterday and made these Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins to have for snacks. I think I'll take a day off today.


  1. Those shirts are too cute (as are your boys!)! You should do a little "photoshoot" with them when Warner is here! Can't want to come visit you guys once he gets here.... I'm not sure where Luke and I will sleep now though haha, we'll figure it out!

  2. Lincoln was such a tease with that ball. Those boys are gonna be hot stuff as they get older. You're gonna have to bat all the girls away!

    And I agree with Jax.... the shirts are great.

  3. I've seen Lincoln sink a basket hundreds of times. So funny that he won't do it with the camera rolling:) Love the shirts Shani.