Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goofin' Off in the Sunshine

It's been hot here. Unseasonable hot for me. 90 degrees hot. Thankfully today it is much cooler and this fully pregnant woman could not be happier. Don't get me wrong I love the sunshine and warm weather, but right now I'm just hot, combined with uncomfortable and my shirts are getting too small. Two more weeks, I can do it! Mini rant over. 
This weekend we did some easy dinners and had some awesome family time. Pizza Friday night was fun, the boys like making their own pizzas from Papa Murphy's. Cheese, sauce, dough included (they make ones with pepperoni too but I didn't realize I was only grabbing cheese ones this time). Lincoln just wanted to eat the cheese and Dylan thinks he is being a funny pizza maker in the pictures below. 

That's a spicy meat-a-ball. He kept kissing his fingertips like an old Italian man.

Then Saturday we hit a local park to BBQ steaks and let the kids run around. So much fun. With Shane, Danielle, and my Dad, and my mother-in-law all in tow I got to sit down and not run around too much this afternoon, thanks all!

Danielle and Linc enjoying a quiet moment.
The boys and some random people playing.

Action shot.

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