Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Man, I'm Ready

Ok little man, I'm ready now. 
I got my pedicure yesterday (at a beauty school in town for half the price as any where else and the same quality as I've received in three other pedicures in my lifetime). 
I've gotten all my pressing MOPS business done. Our team is almost completely together and getting ready to gear up for some fun training over the summer.
 I put the car seat in the van yesterday. Shane gets frustrated trying to put it in and I didn't want to have to climb on top of it after having a baby so it just needed to happen. I forget how honkin' big those baby seats are! I also put the baby hospital bag in the van too, one less thing to have to remember.
I feel like I've done about 75 loads of laundry this week. I don't want it all piling up if I do spontaneously go into labor so I'm trying to stay on top of it all. It also seems like blankets, towels, couch covers... everything has somehow gotten spilled on, pooped on or spit up on and needed to be taken care of as well. Ahh the life of a mom. 
My ever growing to do list is actually getting done and I'm finding I have less and less to add to it. 
I even ordered Warner's charm for my most favorite piece of jewelry. I got my original necklace through the Vintage Pearl and was able to just order his a la carte and have it within about a week. I love it! Now he just has to get here so I can put it on. 

We can't wait to have you here mister so please at your convenience make your appearance.


  1. Way too prepared!!! LOL.

    Just kidding. I hope all goes well and he comes soon.

  2. We're anxiously awaiting Warner's arrival too! Love Mama