Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baking with Boys

I recently had a banana that was going beyond it's prime. Shane threatened to throw it away one morning if I didn't make the promised banana bread with it soon. Finally the baby stopped needing to be held for a few minutes so I ran into the kitchen and grabbed all the ingredients and set them up on the counter. I decided to let the boys help me even though it made me frustrated and took way longer. Baking soda ended up on the floor, some measurements had to be redone, but in the end the boys had so much fun. Dylan practiced some fractions with measuring spoons. Lincoln got to dump some things in. And I learned that some help is still help. The bread still turned out fine (although not as good as the loaf my friend Deanne brought over for us the other day!) and look at those happy little faces licking off beaters when everything was done. I will still probably wait a little longer before trying to bake again because Warner didn't stay asleep for long, but life is a learning process. 

Lincoln watching Dylan, Dylan looking for "1 tsp". 

Copy Cats

Can you say camera ham?

That's some serious finger licking!


  1. OMG, Lincoln just cracks me up in those pics.

  2. I have so many fond memories of baking with you kids. There were lots of messes and strange baked goods but we all had fun together!