Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mom Connection (Book Review and my first Giveaway!)

I was recently given the opportunity by MOPS International to read and review next year’s theme book called Mom Connection: Creating Vibrant Relationships in the Midst of Motherhood by Tracey Bianchi. In her book, Bianchi examines the relationships between today’s mom and finding her rhythm with her children, spouse, her schedule and commitments, her extended family, friends, community and the world. Like trying to sling 100 hula hoops at once alone, mothers in today’s society try to do it all and look good while doing it. Bianchi discusses mommy competition and while we are all on the same team being just a mom can be isolating, “We are never physically alone and yet our souls starve for connection.” Once we recognize how great we are and how important others are to us then we can flourish as a spouse, mother and person in society. Remembering to “take regular moments to rise up into your gifts and passions. To live fully into the rhythm of your life, you need to celebrate all that you are.”

The book is well organized and easy to read between diaper changes, never-ending snack time, and the sacred bedtime. I started writing down quotes I loved from the book and ended up with 6 pages (mind you it was during “Glee” and I was writing sloppy on a wide ruled notebook) because so much of it I wanted to remember or apply to my life. I felt that the spouse and extended family chapters were especially important for me to read because I have a hard time balancing my needs with the needs of other who are important or I think are important such as “working on your partnership takes energy you are likely short on at the moment, but you need the payoff to thrive.” I want to thrive in my relationships! I also have to remember that “newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reason that families work.”

There are three sections of the book; including finding your own rhythm as a mom, finding rhythm in your relationships and helping others find their rhythm. At the end of each chapter there are three tips to try out at home, a place to jumpstart prayer and a journaling opportunity. I highly recommend reading Mom Connection no matter what season of motherhood you are in.

If you would like to win a copy of Mom Connection: Creating Vibrant Relationships in the Midst of Motherhood you are in luck! From now until 11:59pm on May 6th you can enter to win a brand new copy of Bianchi’s book and a hula hoop. You’ll have to read the book to understand that part a little better. To enter please leave a comment on this post explaining why you love MOPS or are interested in getting involved in a group near you. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on May 7th.


  1. Getting involved in a group here in Colo. Spgs. would be a good thing for both me and Analise...a place we can go and meet new people in an environment that is wholesome and caring. To build new relationships with people that can walk with me is what I know I need....and to be there with another mom is truly a gift. :)

  2. Hi Shannon! Thanks so much for the great review. I'm so happy that the book was helpful and so flattered to know it warranted 6 pages of notes during Glee ;) LOVE IT! Blessings to you and all you do.

  3. I've been in MOPS for almost 8 years and joke that I'm having another baby so I can be a member for atleast another 5. I enjoy the connections with my mentor moms, other MOPS members and God! It's a special time each month for me to focus on me and know other ladies are facing the same issues as me. The connections have lasted over the years. I'm sad there is only one more meeting this year and can't wait for next year's meetings.

  4. I love being a part of MOPS. Its nice to get out and meet some wonderful ladies!!! And get a break from kids;) lisa thomas