Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 Who knew that when I was a kid, forced to share a room with my arch enemy, that one day I would grow up and have an automatic best friend? I finally realize how important siblings are in your life as I watch my boys play together. Yes I make them share and play together and take care of each other. They will always be around no matter how sad or angry you make them. Heck I sat on my sister when she was inside a sleeping bag and my friends and I used to tease her *Jackie, she is so tacky...* but I think she's forgiven me. She came for an overnight trip last week to meet Warner and to help me out around the house when Shane first went back to work and I couldn't be happier to have her in my life. I can text or call or facebook her any time to tell her a funny story or ask her for advice. We're even attempting to take all of our combine 5 kids (three under two!) on an 800+ miles on way road trip in a few weeks. I didn't appreciate all the family time when I was younger buy boy am I thankful for it now. 


Dylan was working on his camera skills while she was here last, hopefully you enjoy a run through our house. Disregard the woman waving wildly in our dining room :)

In January when her baby was a baby, my how four months flies by!
Luke and Warner, I didn't realize how red this kid was until I saw them next to each other.
Luke and Lincoln, bffs.

Dylan took this picture of us being goofy in the kitchen 


  1. I'm so glad you and Jackie are there for each other! I am best friends with my sister now too. I always said you should be nice to your brother and sister--they will always be a part of your life. I'm so proud of the adults you all have become.
    Love you, Mama

  2. I too love it when I see these comments and know that we have children that get along so well and love each other. Makes all the difficulties worth it!!
    Love you too