Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Staying Afloat

Wowzers. Having four kids really is a change. Maybe I will get used to it soon, but for now it is very umm... jam packed with excitement (falling out of cribs, sleeping through school bus pick up, crying during dinner etc), changes (of diapers mainly) and growth. Shane went back to work late last week so that sort of threw a wrench in the some what stable routine we started after the baby was born, but I know that now I just have to build a new normal routine. Danielle has 8 days of school left. Dylan has 15. Again our days are going to change so I am trying to get some things in order before pandemonium becomes the new norm. Warner is starting to be awake more often and Lincoln likes him well enough... I'm just struggling to find the balance of nursing, playing, cleaning, discipline and sleep. It has only been three weeks so I'm not worried I won't get it figured out, I'm just trying to stay afloat in the meantime. Thank God my kids are so stinking adorable because I'm pretty sure I hissed at Dylan this morning when he was whining about being so tired for school. So let's see, what have we been up to since I blogged last...
Lincoln figured out how to climb out of his crib and we tried to fight it for a week or two but when he actually fell out we took down the front rail and he is officially in a toddler bed. He thinks it is so cool. The first few time he snuck out and then closed the bed room door, probably to try to hide it from us. Now he just peeks out the crack and then slowly comes out and climbs on Daddy's lap for a late night cuddle (who's the softie?). One of these days I imagine he will stay where we put him, but just not yet. Joy.
Trying to get him excited about his big boy bed

Yess! Asleep on the first try for nap time... not so successful at night time.
Memorial Day Weekend - We pretty much hung out at the house. We did get pizza and found $1 smoothies from Burger King, a royal treat. We did walk to a store in town and I got my first sip of wine since last summer. We had a bon fire in the fire pit I built at least two summers ago and had yet to actually use it. We played out back for hours enjoying the wind free day (which is really a rare treat in Ellensburg in the Spring). I stayed in my pjs all day on Sunday. Or was it Monday. We watched a lot of movies including Wild Hogs, twice.
Super Dad, able to hold a sleeping baby and toddler just out of the bath.

Back yard baseball. 

We have fire!

Hanging out on the plastic furniture.

Dylan doing a baseball pose.

Looking for rollie pollies - pill bugs - potato bugs.

Little man.

Shane tells me my eyes aren't this dark in real life, thanks babe!

Cool dude, minus the pacs.

Warner trying to keep up with the big bros. 

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