Thursday, July 26, 2012

Camping at Silver Ridge Ranch

We went camping with all three boys for the first time this weekend. We didn't go too far away (Easton) and we went with another family which provided extra entertainment for all of my boys (Shane included). We had tons of fun getting outside, the weather turned out really nice, and the baby did great. Luckily I was pretty organized and even prepped a meal before hand. I only forgot two big things, the creamer and the syrup. 

Lincoln loved playing in the dirt. 

Dylan and his friend spent much time biking. 

All day fires are my favorite.

Linc is such a cutie.

Posing on his bike... since he can't figure that darn pedal thing out yet.

Shane and Warner.

Boys on the bed of the trailer.

Lincoln's battle wound. I think the ground won.

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