Monday, July 9, 2012

Grocery Groove 2.5 example

Shane's diet has been going great, plus he is working out and doing stuff in the yard, he has lost about 20 pounds already! We decided together that since both of us could still loose some more (yes yes baby weight should take 9 months but I'm still ready to get rid of those 10lbs left!) that we really need to make a small adjustment in the way we are eating. Hot pockets out, more fruits and veggies in.
Saturday morning I took my two youngest boys, and the dog, to the farmers market. We had a great time walking around and checking everything out and even got some information on a CSA (oh that would be so fun to join but it would be the money up front part that I don't think I could talk Shane into). Lincoln acted like such a big boy but I could tell that he was getting sweaty just being outside for half an hour. This week is supposed to be a scorcher so we went over to the inlaws to cool off and feed the baby. For $15 here's what we got:
5# Apples - I see crock pot applesauce in my future.
20 Apricots - Ok I see apricot applesauce in my future.
Small container of Bing Cherries, half eaten by Lincoln and myself.
Swiss chard
Turnips - I mashed them in with potatoes to go along side bbq'd steak, first time tried and yummy
A bunch of garlic scapes and a recipe for garlic scape pesto which I will post soon

After everyone cooled down I headed to Fred Meyer while they watched Lincoln. Grocery shopping with only one small baby is so much more... uh... relaxing. I was able to find a bunch of items on clearance and buy some healthier foods to stock the pantry. I don't planning on going back to the store too often the rest of the month because we are going to have some crazy summer plans coming up. For $54.02 here's what I got:
2 bags of Dole Salad marked down to 1.49 each, had a buy two get $1.50 off - $1.48
Kraft Fresh Take $2.99, used e-coupon and $1 off when you buy two salads - $1.24
2 bags Food Should Taste Good chips, on sale 2/$5 used 2 $1 off coupons - $3
Organic baby carrots on sale for $1.50 (the boys' favorite snack with ranch to dip in, I should have bought more!)
Bulk Flax Seed, Quinoa, Israeli Couscous and Whole Wheat Flour - hence the giant white blob in the picture.
Cascade Organic Granola Bars, used $.75 ecoupon - $2.54
3 boxes Kashi Strawberry Fields cereal on clearance for $1.99 each - $5.97 and oh so good
FM Whole Wheat Bagels on clearance - $1.19
Fruit cocktail on clearance - $.49
fat free Cream of Chicken Soup - $3.16
Pure Protein Bar $1, used $1 off coupon - FREE
Diced Tomatoes on clearance - $.29
Green Beans on clearance - $.29
Fiber One Brownie Bars, used $.50 ecoupon and $.50 manufacturer - $2
Basil fresh  - $1.99
Cornstarch on clearance - $.99
Renu contact cleaner $7.99, used $2 ecoupon and $3 manufacturer - $2.99
Degree clinical deodorant on sale $7.49, used $2 ecoupon and $2 manufacturer - $3.49
Cottage Cheese - 2.59
Whole Wheat Lasagna Noodles - $2.19
Coconut Water - $1.67
Capri Sun juice pouches on clearance - $1.09

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  1. Try they have pick up at the high school. Check out their facebook page to. It show the vegs and fruit you will get.