Monday, July 30, 2012

Grocery Groove part 3

Ok so I'm pretty sure if I don't finish this thing now it will never get done so here is part three. I am not an organized blogger and am realizing nothing is special about this but here is then end of my grand idea. Sort of a two-parter. 

Know your Store
One of my favorite stores to shop at in my town in Fred Meyer. I used to know exactly where everything was (until they moved everything around when Washington changed the laws and allowed grocery stores to start selling liquor and now I am totally lost). I know where they put clearance items and love seeing this yellow and orange sticker. I know their coupon policy. I know several of the checkers. I know it and I am comfortable this makes my shopping trip so much easier. 

Shopping with Kids
Shopping with kids isn't always the easiest thing to do, but for most of the stay-at-home-moms that I know, shopping with kids is a part of the deal but there are tips to make it an enjoyable experience.
Warner on the front.

Lincoln on the back. Obviously he's more mobile.
Know when to hold them.
Both of my boys in the Ergo. This is the single best tip I have. Keep the kids happy, but contained. Non e of my babies liked to stroll around in their baby carseats while shopping like so many other moms I see in the store. I have found through holding an infant in one hand and pushing a cart with the other that I should always have a carrier of some sort with me or pay the price. My toddler would love to walk next to Mommy but I know I will end up in a puddle on the floor if I try to chase him around the store.
And when to fold them. 
I finally realized that if I want my 7 year old to behave during shopping that I need to give him a job. I haven't joined the smart phone revolution so he can't play games so I actually have to do something with him. As of lately he will help me by reading the shopping list and keeping track of what we have so far. Even Lincoln can help pick out what type of apple we buy.
Keep them full.
After about 8 months of age I learned that I needed to start bringing snacks with me while out and about, especially when shopping. Fruit, pop corn, granola bars, cheese sticks etc. Anything portable and not too messy keeps the kids happy and buys me a few more minutes of bargain hunting.
Yes you kids should be well behaved, but for me perfecting isn't going to happen. I've learned to expect reality and it makes things much easier.

One final note: If you don't ever start going to the bakery counter, your kids will never know they can get cookies there for free. Having your toddler yell "goo-goo" until you cave is never a pleasant experience.

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