Monday, July 16, 2012

Paper Boys

I ordered diapers the other day off of and they sent this extremely large amount of packing paper in with the box so things couldn't shift around in transit. I decided that rather than throwing the whole thing away, the boys could use it to make life size paper boys and decorate them however they saw fit. Dylan started his while Lincoln was still napping so he got pretty creative. He had a few lows when he couldn't get the Nike swoosh just how he wanted it, but he didn't give up. Lincoln wasn't too thrilled with laying down on the paper, or coloring in general but when I told him to color the face he started drawing on his own face. I guess I should have clarified. The boys ended up with some cool tattoos, some lifesized paper boys and some new buddies to practice boxing with. Yes, they had to put on gloves so punching didn't hurt so bad. Silly boys. 

Measuring Dylan

Measuring Lincoln

The body art begins.

Busy, busy coloring. 

Linc's leg tattoos

Taking a snack break.

Holding hands with their new friends.

And now punching their new friends. 


  1. I sure love those boys. They are so cute and you are all so creative! Maybe they need to send flat Dylan and flat Lincoln to relatives for pictures all over the place?

  2. I was thinking the same thing about sending Flat Dylan and Flat Lincoln around to different locales. Loved all the action photos and belly laughed on the last picture!